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Lenses :: LVCS2812I

Premium Plus Lens, IR Corrected, Aspherical, Varifocal, AI, F1.2, CS, 1/3", 2.8-12mm

The deView Premium Plus Auto Iris / Varifocal CS Mount Lens offers high resolution images and superior low light sensitivity with its advanced IR correct glass lens. ED (extraordinary low dispersion) glass elements provide crisp color images by day and high-definition, accurately focused images by night.
  • Aspherical design for superior low-light sensivity and picture resolution
  • Fast automatic aperture adjustment for superior sensitivity in changing light conditions
  • IR-corrected glass eliminates focus shift between day and night mode
  • ED glass elements provide superior resolution with low distortion
  • Ultra compact size for small camera housing
  • Made in Japan
General Specifications
Focal Length2.8-12mm
Designed Image Format1/3" (4.8x3.6mm)
Operation RangeIris:F1.0-F360, focus:0.2mm~infinity, zoom:2.8-12mm
ControlIris: DC galvanometer; Focus: manual, zoom: manual
Field of View (1/3")D:124.9°~29.7°, H:98.5°~23.8°, V:73°~17.8°
Field of View (1/4")D:92°~22.3°, H:73°~17.8°, V:54.3°~13.4°
Back Focus8.1-20.2mm
ApertureFront: 20.1mm; Rear: 9.0mm
Dimentions35.0 x 47.9 x 59.5mm
Iris ControlDriving Coil/Supply Volt.: 190ohm, Damping Coil/Current: 855ohm
Operating Temperature-10 ~ 50 Celsius
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