deView Electronics distributed cameras produced by VTC Electronics Corp. VTC now directly distributes the cameras they manufacture. For further of product inquires and warranty services, please contact VTC by emailing

We are the technology team. We are the design team. We are the manufacturing team. We are deView electronics.

Thank you for reviewing the deView electronics web site. We have lots of exciting products, people and technology we would like to introduce. We are sure you will agree, deView electronics is a different kind of company. This is known as the deView difference.

The difference begins with our core strengths, which are in both digital and analog imaging technologies. Our in-house capabilities include design, engineering and manufacturing of IP technologies essential to closed circuit television systems. We believe our history and success in analog technologies provides us the necessary perspective to deliver well designed and executed IP products to the marketplace. It is this combination of long-term experience and in-house intellectual capital that sets deView electronics apart.

Of course possessing the ability to achieve greatness is only a start. For a team to be great, it requires great leadership. This leader should provide the vision, guidance and input to ensure desired objectives are accomplished. Therefore, deView is very proud to recognize you as that leader. That’s right! deView works for you. Your vision, input and direction are essential, ensuring that we harness all of our great capabilities and deliver highly dependable products and services to help you succeed on a daily basis.

deView electronics employs more than 100 full-time engineers, all dedicated to new product introductions while simultaneously improving current product offerings. In addition, we have an entire support team prepared to service your local needs. With a global perspective and sensitivity to regional and local trending, our development process really is the benchmark for modern-day technology companies. With a demonstrated expertise in the industry, every employee is passionate about our customers as well as our products and services.

Our mission: “It is the mission of the entire deView electronics organization to listen to our customers first and ask questions second, so that we can provide cost-effective solutions based on our customers’ unique needs and requirements.” We will execute our mission by following our guiding principles:
  1. We consider ourselves a partner with our installing dealers and integrators.
  2. We will only consider ourselves successful at accomplishing our goals when our customers are successful at accomplishing their goals.
  3. We will tirelessly strive to provide the best value solutions available in the marketplace.
  4. We will communicate with our customers on a regular basis regarding all matters related to security, safety and technology.
  5. We always appreciate our customers.
We enjoy an open company structure — contact any one of us at any time. We are eager to listen to you. Please feel free to call us at 1-877-4-deView.

Highest regards,

Michael Sheehan

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